Public Deliverables

Here you can find and download all the public deliverables of the projects once they are submitted.

Deliverable NumberDeliverable TitleDue Date (in months)
D1.1Project Handbook (PDF)M3
D1.2Data Management Plan (PDF)M6
D1.3Ethics and Gender AspectsM18
D1.4Final Period Project ReportM36
D2.1Overall architecture and use case definition (PDF)M6/M18
D2.2OASEES DLT specifications (DApp For Swarms)M18
D2.3Data Federation and TrustM18
D2.4Quantum and AI accelerators devkit specificationsM18
D3.1OASEES SDK implementation and deployment - Release A/BM16/M27
D3.2OASEES DAOs and Smart Contracts implementation - Release A/BM16/M27
D3.3OASEES Object IDs and Edge Identity - Release A/BM20/M32
D3.4Data Trust and Sovereignty framework - Release A/BM20/M32
D4.1Cloud to Edge AI/ML enablers Release A/BM17/M29
D4.2OASEES connecivity continuum Release A/BM17/M29
D4.3Quantum acceleration for swarmsM22/M32
D4.4Security for Swarms at the Edge Release A/BM22/M32
D5.1OASEES framework pilot integrationM26
D5.2Consolidated Use Case integration and demonstrationsM26/M36
D6.1Communication, Dissemination and Stakeholders Engagement Plan Intermediate (PDF)M6
D6.2Business PlanM16
D6.3Exploitation and standardization activities - Intermediate, FinalM16
D6.4Exploitation and standardization activities - FinalM36
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